The new edge approaches to design take an evolutionary step at every turn of the century. Studio Helioripple is an indie platform led by Amin Bahrami with an innovative strategy to reach and inspire our thoughts of a future where we design to co-exist in functional, productive, and comfortable surroundings. Helioripple is a lab that is oriented to developing new design tools for the architecture industry and urban matters. Helioripple implements multidisciplinary mediums, Data-Driven and ML to create integrated design protocols and computer-based apparatuses for leveraging the upcoming era of urban.

Brief history

Studio Helioripple was initially founded by Amin Bahrami, Kaveh Alagheband, Alireza Karbasion as a critical imaginary architecture design team with a computational-design approach in 2008 however the name Helioripple was coined in 2010 after joining Azin Shahriari. While the team was working on the design of various architecture projects, we focused more on developing customized design tools to achieve the project objectives. We intended to do our bests to make the architectural world an unappealing place for architects who need more flexible tools for bringing out their inceptions.