Engraving Islamic-Pattern

Iaac & Helioripple hosted workshop by 'Institute for Architecture Daneshpajoohan'

Tutors: Rodrigo Auguri, Amin Bahrami

As the reservoir of Iranian art, Isfahan officiated as the host for an academic workshop to design and fabricate a statue in one of the primeval art schools by the curatory of the University of Daneshpajoohan and Iaac Institute. The workshop was also supported by mentorship and supervision of Amin Bahrami from Studio Helioriple and Rodrigo Aquri from Iaac Institute. The target was to collect a set of patterns as a standing sculpture for installation within the campus.

The allows behavior resulting from potential city spot data layer timber plywood was suggested as the material to better critique. Since plywood could have better represented the generated pattern, we concentrated on plywood rather than other materials. At the same time, students were generating the patterns within the workshop. We tested different subtractive machines supplied for the workshop. We use the RhinoCam plugin for generating the primer G-Code files and the customized CNC path patterns to reach the best result for the presentation of the design patterns. The canvas each student was supposed to use was extracted from an optimized paneling construction.